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In 2004, I joined a meeting at GSK about designing a clinical trial to include outcomes that could be used to gain reimbursement, which was a new thing at the time. When I went freelance, a health economics agency hired me to write a global value dossier – the agency was all about economic modelling and evidence generation, with writing seen as a side-line. That’s changed now that value comms is a thing.

Research, analysis, and writing

I have provided research, analysis, and writing support on global value dossiers (GVD), target product profile dossiers (TPP), burden, economics, costs, and treatment reviews (BECT), objection handlers, health technology assessments (HTA), insights advisory boards and market access workshops, and value comms manuals and slide-sets.


As well as contributing to many market access projects, I've written several complete draft dossiers:


  • Restless legs syndrome (GVD)
  • Alzheimer’s (GVD)
  • Chronic kidney disease (TPP) 
  • Type 2 diabetes (BECT)
  • Vertigo (GVD)
  • Hypertension (BECT)
  • Transitional cell cancer of the ureter (HTA)
  • Prostate cancer (TPP)
  • Schizophrenia (GVD)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (GVD)
  • Chronic kidney disease (GVD)
  • Haemophilia (GVD)

Global value dossiers

A GVD is the same as writing several reviews one after the other, then writing a review to explain the reviews, and then writing a list of propositions that cover each review in a few sentences.


A lot can go wrong with a GVD.


Selling a GVD:

Consistent, impactful, evidence-based, comprehensive, resonate, compelling, credible, clear, accurate, value story/scientific story/bedtime story.

Delivering a GVD:

  • Read zillions of papers like reading barcodes and do a systematic review in your head.
  • Understand the disease manifestations and diagnosis, epidemiology, clinical, economic and societal burden, the clinical data for the product and competitor products, policy and guidelines, unmet needs, therapeutic and economic landscape, market access strategy, and economic models.
  • Interpret a variety of study reports, which are often written by a statistician so require decoding, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, indirect treatment comparisons, cost-effectiveness models, and budget impact models. 
  • Weave into the scientific and economic narrative, the insights from the doctor/patient/payer advisory boards.
  • Write long and write short, and very short, and fast, and accurate, and create diagrams to explain or summarize, and process a stack of references, and structure a huge dossier for logical flow, and ensure consistency in editorial and graphical style.


I've written ~25 publications on HEOR & RWE, and presented on RWE publication writing at the 48th EMWA Conference in 2019.


HEOR & RWE publications overview:

  • Seasonal influenza burden of disease and cost-effectiveness of quadrivalent vaccine
  • Burden and costs of Clostridium difficile
  • Primary and secondary care resource use and medical costs of acute respiratory illness
  • Healthcare use and direct costs of otitis media
  • Burden and costs of RSV in children and the cost-effectivess of vaccination 
  • Observational study of malaria chemoprophylaxis in travellers
  • Surgical registry studies of percutaneous nephrolithotomy
  • Seasonal influenza test-negative case-control studies of hospital outcomes
  • Survey of travellers about perceptions of rabies risk
  • Self-controlled case series of pandemic influenza vaccine in organ transplant recipients
  • Uptake of influenza, pneumococcal, Tdap, and herpes zoster vaccines
  • Vaccine coverage of tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis
  • Modelling influenza vaccine immunogenicity
  • Retrospective cohort study of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines in otitis media
  • Observational study of kidney transplant patients in clinical practice
  • Healthcare resource use for mental health in bowel disease 
  • Incidence, coverage, and effectiveness of pertussis vaccination

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