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How it started . . .

At a satellite symposium during a dermatology conference in 2001, I gave the audio-visual people a box of 35 mm slides for the presentations. The slides were produced a few days before the meeting, leaving time for last minute changes before we left for Munich. There was little scope for on-site changes, although you can put Tippex on a slide.

The first time we went to a conference with slides to be 'projected directly from the computer' we also took some 35 mm slides for back-up! 



In the early 00s, every writer dreaded being told to covertly record a conference session on a clunky tape recorder with a microphone. ‘Hide it under your jacket.’ And then you had the miserable task of writing-up a meeting from a tape. 

How it's going . . .


I recently saw a job advert that was to write plain language summaries to be used to feed AI to write plain language summaries. 


For now, I’m one step ahead of the machine, providing services across medical affairs, commercialization, and communication strategy. 

Slide-sets, advisory board planning and reports, MSL training materials, scientific platforms, clinical summaries, detail materials, plain language summaries, promotional copy, newsletters, Q&As, monographs, brochures, case studies, posters, educational programmes, briefing materials, animation & film concept development and scriptwriting.


AI is awesome. Here’s my wish list:

  • Extract data from publications and create tables and figures
  • Read my documents and mark-up the references
  • Read the literature and summarise it in a chosen voice (active, passive, Scarlett O’Hara)
  • Identify clichés then scan the Internet and report how many times that cliché is being used in real-time
  • Same as above for buzzwords

I look forward to seeing how AI will be applied across the industry. From data analysis to medical writing, there's much scope. 

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