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I have extensive experience of writing primary papers and review articles for submission to peer-review journals. I have provided editorial consultancy on too many publications to count, and have been lead writer on about 65 papers published to date, covering various therapy areas: cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, diabetes, endocrinology, infectious disease, lysosomal storage disorders, tropical disease, surgery, vaccines, veterinary cardiology, and women’s health.


My publication experience involves working with clinical teams and external experts to plan and develop various types of publication, including laboratory studies and pre-clinical in vivo studies, Phase I, II, and III studies from PK/PD to pivotal comparative trials, and post-marketing studies. I also write about health economics and epidemiology, and am skilled at writing review articles.


I am experienced at all stages of manuscript development including publication planning, first draft development, author comments and revisions, figure drawing, submission letters, and response to peer review comments.


Publications are written in accordance with international publication guidelines, policies, and recommendations.

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